George W. Bush Rewrites History

Recently, Focus on the Family President Jim Daly interviewed former President George. W. Bush, whom he glorified repeatedly as a “man of prayer,” but failed to mention Bush’s illegal invasion of Iraq based upon lies of WMD, authorizing illegal torture (waterboarding) and warrantless wiretapping American citizens.

Daly marveled how Bush kept America safe after 9/11, but failed to mention how Bush ignored warnings of an al Qeada terrorist attack from National Security Advisor Richard Clarke in the Summer of 2001. Nor was there any mention of the Katrina debacle. Daly praised Bush for being a “pro-life president,” but made no mention of the Iraqis killed by Bush’s invasion.

Bush himself made some bizarre claims, insisting he worked for a diplomatic solution regarding Iraq, when it has been documented many times that the former President was set on invading Iraq, Bush and Daly then complimented Bush for his devotion to U.S. soldiers, but no made no mention of the Bush administration’s lies about Pat Tillman’s death.


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