Motorcyclist Risks Life To Stop Man From Suicide

A motorcyclist, Ivan Zolotarev, reportedly stopped an attempted suicide on a highway in the Moscow Region of Russia. 

Zolotarev, who was wearing a helmet camera, drove against the flow of traffic to plead with a man who was standing on the side of a bridge above the highway, notes

Zolotarev recalled the incident on his blog:

I knew that I was violating the traffic rules and I was doing it as carefully as possible, as I realized that had no time for any other option. He could have jumped straight under a car.

Zolotarev then drove up on the bridge to talk to the man, while other first responders arrived:

We waited for all of them – the police, emergency service and ambulance arrived shortly. Some 10 minutes passed since we approached Aleksey [the man on the bridge]. All this time we’ve been talking to him about various unrelated stuff.

The man said he was hitchhiking from Vladimir to Kursk to attend his mom’s funeral, but apparently suffered a mental breakdown.


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