Motivational Speaker Warns Kids About ‘Forces’ Removing God from Pledge, Dollar Bills

Motivational speaker Craig Conrad told students at Ortega Middle School in Alamosa, Colorado on Sept.13 that there were “forces” at trying to remove God from the Pledge of Allegiance, dollar bill and Christmas.

Conrad’s bizarre speech was sponsored by Alamosa Public Health and San Luis Valley Health, notes the Alamosa News.

Conrad warned the kids:

There are forces in this country that want to remove “God” from your pledge, off the back of your dollar bill and remove the nativity scene at Christmas…

This nation needs more teachers, more administrators and more parents that aren’t afraid to take a stand! That aren’t afraid to tell you kids “No!” We’re raising a generation of snowflakes!

…If you turn on a TV station there’s so much anti-American rhetoric. Almost every college and a lot of high schools are teaching that anti-American sentiment! What’s going to happen if that attitude gets instilled in our young people? Who is going to defend us?

The Freedom From Religion Foundation sent a letter to the Alamos School District, notes the Friendly Atheist:

It is inappropriate to take away instructional time from students to expose them to this type of religious message, regardless of any secular message the speaker is also promoting…

We request that the Alamosa School District ensure Mr. Conrad is not permitted to speak in its schools in the future, and that the District ensure future assemblies from outside groups do not contain an underlying proselytizing message or agenda. Please notify us in writing of the steps you take to remedy this matter.

(Source: Alamosa News, Friendly Atheist, Photo Credit:

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