Motivational Speaker Larry Winget Outraged Over Cheerleading Squad That Allows Everyone On Team

“Professional motivational speaker” Larry Winget went on a rant on “Fox & Friends” over a high school in East Hanover, New Jersey, that is allowing everyone who tries out for the cheerleading team to make the team.

The Hanover Park Regional High School changed its policy after a parent complained that her daughter did not make the team.

Winget was outraged about with the policy change:

Stuff like this is what’s wrong with everything. The school system is teaching parents that if you complain—if one mama says, “My sweet baby didn’t make the cheerleading squad,” whether she deserved to or not—they will change school policy…

You can’t drive and you ran into a car parked on the side of the road, but that don’t matter, I’m going to whine and complain so that my baby gets her driver’s license whether she can drive or not.

Winget then conjured up an imaginary situation in which companies would be forced to hire unqualified people.

(Source: Fox News via YouTube)

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