Mother And Daughter Take On Armed Robber In Wild Shoot Out

A mother and daughter took on an armed robber in a wild shoot out inside a liquor store on Feb. 22 in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

The Tulsa Police Department said that Tyrone Lee tried to rob the store before he was shot multiple times, notes Tulsa World.

Surveillance video shows a male suspect behind the counter. and then walking out of view. That’s when the mom, who owns the liquor store, and her daughter grabbed their guns, reports KVII.

When the male suspect returned, the mom opened fire on him. The suspect appeared to leave, but returned and was shot by the daughter.

The suspect did not give up, and reportedly fought the owner for her gun, even pistol-whipping her.

The man chased the women around until they left the liquor store.

Sgt. Brandon Watkins said that Lee was armed with a shotgun when he tried to rob the liquor store, notes Tulsa World.

Watkins added that a man who matched Lee’s description — with multiple gunshot wounds — ended up at a local hospital.

The Tulsa Police Department tweeted that Lee was in an induced coma.

Watkins said police believe Lee is responsible for a series of  armed robberies in the Tulsa area over the past few weeks.

(Source: Tulsa World, KVII)

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