Mom Sues After D.C. Police Douse Son, 10, With Pepper Spray

The ACLU of Washington D.C. has filed a lawsuit on behalf of a mom and her 10-year-old son who were reportedly doused with pepper spray by the Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) in Washington D.C. on Jan. 20, 2017.

According to the ACLU-DC, the mom and son were “peacefully demonstrating on Inauguration Day when a police charged forward and knocked the boy down without warning; as he and his mother tried to flee, both were exposed to pepper spray that the police discharged at nonviolent demonstrators.”

A video of the mom, Gwen Frisbie-Fulton, carrying her son away from the cops, was posted on YouTube by Ciaran Allen.

Frisbie-Fulton recalled the incident in an ACLU-DC statement, notes

I was terrified for my son’s safety. When he was knocked down, I instinctually jumped on top of him to cover his body with mine. We are told police are there to keep us safe, but on Inauguration Day they were the ones who put us in danger.

The ACLU-DC has accused the police of kettling,” corralling protesters into an area before formally arresting them, and failing to give a dispersal order before deploying chemical weapons (pepper spray).

ACLU-DC stated: “Both are violations of the DC’s First Amendment Assemblies Act.”

(Sources:, ACLU of Washington D.C., Ciaran Allen/YouTube)

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