Mom Says Truck-House Crash ‘Proves That God Is Real’

Laura Burleson claims that God is real because a truck crashed into her house in Sumter, South Carolina, on Nov. 27.

The Highway Patrol says the truck ran off the shoulder of a road, crashed into the home and injured a two-year-old boy.

Laura Burleson, the child’s mother, told WLTX that her husband was at home holding their son when the truck crashed through the house: 

If you don’t know there is a God, this proves that God is real, because God had his hands on this whole situation.

After placing the responsibility for the crash on God, Burleson said her son had to be airlifted to the hospital in Columbia, South Carolina.

Burleson said her son suffered a broken his wrist and some deep cuts.

Burleson’s husband suffered some road rash and was taken to a hospital in Sumter.

The truck driver also went to a hospital with non life-threatening injuries. 

The South Carolina Highway Patrol is investigating the cause of the accident.

(Source: WLTX)

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