Mom Fights Back Against Baltimore Cop Who Pulled Gun On Her Child At Bus Stop

An off-duty Baltimore police officer pulled a gun on a 16-year old black boy, Jawone Nicholson, who was waiting for a bus in December 2018.

The boy’s mother, Erica Hamlett, told The Real News Network how she successfully battled the system to have the officer held accountable:

He came up and he never and identified himself as an officer. He asked us why we was over there, asked us a few questions, and then he pulled his gun. He pulled the gun and then we put our hands up like this and started walking away, and he followed us.

He can be doing everything right, everything right, and that man had every opportunity to kill my son. And from the lies that he’s told since the incident, he would have had no reason not to tell a lie to make it seem like my son provoked him to do what he did to him. Dead men don’t tell tales.

(Source: The Real News Network)

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