Model Suffers Neck Injuries In Giant Slingshot While Filming Car Commercial

A model from Chile, Maura Bellagamba, released a video on Instagram of herself being released in a giant slingshot, which she says caused her neck injuries while filming a Nissan car commercial.

Bellagamba wrote on Instagram that she was fired out of the slingshot without her permission, causing her whiplash:

Can you believe that I was the test doll myself. We were supposed to do a little test but they threw me into the shot without my consent.

Bellagamba thanked Grillo Films for sharing the video:

I thank Grillofilms for making this video public, the truth is that at the time I did not have the courage to do it publicly.

The film company that did the commercial, Accion Film, claimed it was an accident, reports

In no case was the objective to launch the professional. Subsequently, all medical expenses and preventive procedures performed in the place were paid, as shown by the documentation we have in our possession.

(Source:, Maura Bellagamba/Instagram, Grillo Films)

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