Missouri Teen Shatters ‘Ice’ Trampoline With Wild Stunt

Fourteen-year-old Dylan McNew has gone viral in a video that shows him jumping onto an ice-covered trampoline in Missouri on Feb. 11.

According to the News-Leader, seventh-grader Brody Berryman filmed as Dylan climbed to the top of a ramp and jumped.

Dylan recalled his feat:

I couldn’t see the whole thing. After I jumped, I felt the ice break and cover me. It was pretty cool.

His mom, Michelle Blackmann McNew, posted the video on social media:



He’s a little nut but I just pray a lot. He’s a little daredevil. I just said “Wow, that was pretty awesome.”

Dylan said the stunt did not hurt:

It was a little bit scary but I though it would be fun. I think it’s crazy how much [the video] has blow up.

(Source: News-Leader via USA TODAY, Michelle Blackmann McNew/Storyful)

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