Missouri Republican Senate Candidate Courtland Sykes On Women’s Rights: I Want A ‘Home Cooked Dinner Every Night’

Republican U.S. Senate candidate for Missouri Courtland Sykes posted his bizarre beliefs about “women’s rights” on his Facebook page on Jan. 23:

I want to come home to a home cooked dinner every night at six. One that she fixes and one that I expect one day to have daughters learn to fix after they become traditional homemakers and family wives.

Sykes also claimed that feminists push an agenda “made up to suit their own nasty snake-filled heads” and hoped his daughters won’t grow up to be feminists:

Career obsessed banshees who forgo home life and children and the happiness of family to become nail-biting manophobic hell-bent feminist she devils who shriek from the top of a thousand tall buildings they are think they could have leaped in a single bound — had men not been “suppressing them.” It’s just nuts.

Sykes claimed that he supports women’s rights “but not the kind that has suppressed natural womanhood for five long decades. But good news. They’re finished. Ask Hillary.”

(Source: Courtland Sykes for Senate/Facebook)

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