Missouri Organizer of Anti-Coronavirus Safety Rally: ‘It’s No Worse Than the Flu’

Kristi Nichols, organizer of a rally against the life-saving coronavirus rules in Missouri, told the Kansas City Star why she organized the anti-science rally and made a ludicrous claim about the deadly virus:

We are a group of patriots and grassroots efforts to open up Missouri. I want all the states to be opened up. We have to end this tyranny. Our constitutional rights have been violated and we need Missouri to open up.

The information that has gone out with the virus — it’s no worse than the flu. We didn’t lock down cities, states and nations because people had the flu.

After spreading her false information about the coronavirus (which is actually ten times more deadly than the flu), Nichols claimed the American dream is being lost “because of false information” about the coronavirus:

It’s time to open up the United States now! We are not a communist nation!

(Sources: AFP via Yahoo, Kansas City Star via Twitter)

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