Missouri Mom With Two Kids Works Six Days A Week, Still Homeless

Fran Marion, a single mom with two kids, works six days a week at a Popeyes friend chicken restaurant for $9.50 an hour, but is still homeless in Kansas City, Missouri.

According to The Guardian, Marion processes about 187 orders per day, which is about one every two minutes. Popeyes makes $950, while Marion makes $76.

Marion, 37, has been working 9am to 4pm at Popeyes, without a break, and then going to work at a janitorial job at the local convention center from 5pm to 1:30am for $11 an hour.

In July, the city condemned the house that Marion rented, and she was made homeless. Her landlord refused to make repairs so that she and children could stay in the home.

Marion’s kids, Ravyn, 15, and Rashad, 14, are living with a friend, while she and her dog sleep at the apartment of fellow fast food worker, the worker’s spouse and their four children.

Marion explained the situation to The Guardian:

Not having a home, honestly, you guys, it makes me feel like I am a failure. Like I have let my kids down.

I have always needed two jobs. You basically need two jobs to survive working on low wages. My family is not benefiting. I’m working so hard to come home, and still I have to decide whether I am going to put food on the table or am I going to pay the light bill, or pay rent.

It makes me feel like a peasant. In a way it’s slavery. It’s economic slavery.

(Source: The Guardian)

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