Missouri Man Posts ‘Slaves 4 Sale’ Sign To Prove He’s Not Racist

Richard Geisenheyner hung a “Slaves 4 Sale” sign over his Confederate flag outside his home in Liberty, Missouri to prove that he is not racist.

Geisenheyner mocked those who believe that the Confederate flag represents slavery to WDAF:

If people actually believe that a Confederate flag stands for slavery, well, I might as well be just as stupid as they are. It is for people that are tired of the government telling them what to do and what to think. That is what a Southern rebel is.

As a matter of record, Missouri is not the South. The Confederate flag was flown by the Confederate Army, which sought to overthrow the U.S. government and keep black people enslaved during the Civil War. The flag was flown again from the 1940s to the 1960s to oppose desegregation and Civil Rights for black people, noted HuffPost in 2015.

Many of of Geisenheyner’s neighbors were offended by his sign, which he took down on Sept. 12 after failing to convince people that he was not a racist.

Giesenhyner insisted he was not a racist because he has mixed-race grandchildren.

(Source: WDAF, HuffPost)

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