Missouri County Health Director Quits, She and Her Kids Were Threatened by COVID-19 Deniers

Missouri county health director Amber Elliott told CNBC host Shepherd Smith that she is quitting her job because she and her children have been threatened by people who reject the reality of the COVID-19 virus.

Elliot, who worked for St. Francois County until today, also wrote an article in The Washington Post describing the harassment against her and her children:

I get threatening messages from people saying they’re watching me. They followed my family to the park and took pictures of my kids… I get the same comments all the time over Facebook or email. “Oh, she’s blowing it out of proportion.” “She’s a communist.” “She’s a bitch”…

But the more I talk about the facts, the more it seems to put a target on my back. “We’re tracking your movements.” “Don’t do something you’ll regret.” “We’ll protest at your house.”

My daughter has had some anxiety. My son said to me: “Mom, why does everybody hate you?”

…I’ve been living with that steady hum of tension and fear for almost a year, and I just can’t do it anymore. I keep saying my family is my number-one priority, so at some point I have to keep my kids safe. I decided to put in my notice earlier this month. My last day is this Friday.

(Sources: The News with Shepard Smith/Twitter, The Washington Post)

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