Missouri Cop Tasers Herself as Her Partner Kills Unarmed Mentally Ill Man

Newly-released police dashboard video shows Officer Christopher Grant Meador killing a mentally ill man, David Ingle, while Officer Laken Rawlins tasers herself on Aug. 13, 2019 in Joplin, Missouri.

Police received a call that the mentally ill shirtless man was yelling strange things. Ingle had not harmed anyone and was unarmed when he was executed.

Moments before he was executed by the police, Ingle is heard shouting: “I know the secrets of the universe” and “I know I can survive this!” after being tased.

The Joplin Eagle reports that police knew that Ingle had a history of mental illness:

Ingle’s friends have described him as a diagnosed schizophrenic prone to episodes of paranoia and delusion. He also had a history of run-ins with Joplin police. It also was known that police were aware he had a history of mental illness, including an incident Meador handled in 2017. However, police have said that officers who responded to the scene that night were not aware that Ingle was the subject of the call, and the address police were dispatched to that evening was not Ingle’s address.

Joplin Police Chief Matt Stewart announced that his police department had cleared his officers as did the Missouri State Highway Patrol:

The Missouri State Highway Patrol completed their investigation and determined no criminal wrongdoing (had been committed) by either of the officers. We also completed our own internal affairs investigation and … determined there were no policy violations that occurred.

Stewart claimed the unarmed mentally ill man was trying to attack thew officers, but failed to mention that the situation escalated after the police tased Ingle.

(Source: Joplin Eagle)

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