Missouri Cop Breaks Car Window, Pulls Unarmed Black Man Out Head First

A plain clothes officer broke a car window and pulled a black man out head first in St. Ann, Missouri.

Facebook user Lisa Jones Watson filmed the officer breaking the passenger side window with his forearm, and pulling out the black man, who had a safety belt wrapped around his neck.

The St. Ann Police Department defended the actions of the officer on Facebook:

Once the vehicle came to a stop, one of the passengers of the car refused to put his hands up, unlock the door, or open the window. Because it was a dangerous situation, with numerous officers involved and people driving by, our officers had to protect themselves and the public by ensuring that no weapons were going to be used.

At no point was the passenger kicked, punched, or mistreated in any way. At no point was there any abuse on the part of police regardless of what the person driving by, videotaping the incident and screaming that it was ‘”abuse.”

(Sources: Lisa Jones Watson/Facebook, St. Ann Police Department /Facebook)

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