Mississippi Police Pull Mom Out Of Car By Her Hair While Her Kids Scream

Jaqueline Clay was pulled out of her car by her hair by police in Philadelphia, Mississippi while her children screamed in horror on May 11.

Philadelphia Police Chief Grant Myers told the Neshoba Democrat that Clay was arrested after “a disturbance call that progressed to a car chase.”

However, Clay told a different story to the Clarion Ledger:

They said I fled from them but it was because he was hollering and getting mad at me in front of my kids. I was only going 10-15 mph on my street to the end of a stop sign and went down to the next stop sign which was on at least 5-10 yards maybe. I’m bad with the measurements.

Clay was charged with disorderly conduct and failure to comply, but she was not charged for the alleged chase.

(Source: Clarion Ledger, Neshoba Democrat)

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