Missing Woman’s Arm Found Inside Alligator

The arm of a missing woman was found inside an alligator in Davie, Florida.

The arm reportedly belonged to a woman who vanished while walking her dogs at the Silver Lakes Rotary Nature Park.

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) spokesman Rob Klepper identified the missing woman as Shizuka Matsuki, notes WPLG:

The FWC believes that the victim is deceased and we will continue recovery efforts on the lake with local authorities.

Police Detective Vivian Gallinal said a witness saw the woman walking her dogs in the park:

The witness who called us went to the area where he thought that they had been walking, and he immediately spotted an alligator.

The woman was reportedly warned by her husband, who was on a trip in Chicago, not to walk their dogs in the park.

(Source: WPLG)

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