Minnesota State Rep. Mary Franson Defends Accused Child Molester Roy Moore To Refuse Meeting High School Group

Minnesota State Rep. Mary Franson (R) defended Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore who is accused sexual misconduct, including child molestation, by six women when they were teens.

Franson lamented on Facebook that Moore’s life was “destroyed” in Alabama because he simply met with minors. Franson used her claim as a reason not to meet with the Alexandria Area High School Democrats:

A man’s life was destroyed in AL. 40 years ago he met with minors alone and they recently accused him of horrendous actions. In the world of we must believe every sexual harassment claim, I would think my approach is beyond reasonable. All it takes is one perceived action and my life is destroyed. The life of my family is destroyed. That is a risk I will not take.

Contrary to Franson’s false claim, Moore allegedly tried to date the teen girls and rape one of them, not “meet” with them as a group.

Jack Ballou, the 17-year-old founder of the Alexandria Area High School Democrats, told ThinkProgress that he’s “shocked” by Franson’s bizarre claims:

If any of what she said was true, she could have just told us initially that she doesn’t meet with minors. I’m also so confused how she started defending Roy Moore… last year I met with Mary through the student page program, one on one at her office. She had no issue then.

Franson told KMSP about not meeting with the Alexandria Area High School Democrats: “I don’t meet with partisan organizations.”

Franson then contradicted her statement: “Nothing to do with me not wanting to meet with Democrats, it has everything to do with we all have to be careful in today’s world.”

Franson said she offered to meet with the students in public at a recent clothing drive for the homeless, but she wrote the group on social media “isn’t your group actively campaigning against me?”

“They are utilizing the Alexandria Area High School Democrats to fundraise and campaign for my opponent,” Franson complained to KMPS.

The students admit they support progressive candidates and issues, but say they are not affiliated with any campaigns.

Rep. Franson said she would be willing to meet with the students under her conditions: “If the parents were around and the school was ok with that—that’s fine.”

(Sources: ThinkProgress, KMPS)

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