Milwaukee Police Tase Innocent Nude Man In His Own Shower During Welfare Check, He Dies, DA Clears Police

Police body camera video has surfaced of police tasing an innocent man, Adam Trammell, in the shower and killing him during a welfare check on May 25, 2017, in West Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Trammell was based a total of 18 times, reports the Journal Sentinel.

The video shows West Milwaukee police mistakenly calling the 22-year-old Trammell by the name “Brandon” as they break into an apartment using a battering ram “to make sure” he is okay.

After breaking into the apartment, Officers Michael Rohleder and Anthony Munoz discover Trammell nude in the shower with water running, and use an electrical Taser on him.

As Trammell, who suffered from schizophrenia, twitches in the bathtub, the police lecture him to listen.

One officer states on his radio: “We had to deploy Taser here.”

As water continues to fall Trammell, the police use the electrical weapon on him a second time.

According to the medical examiner’s report, Trammell suffered a black eye, a broken rib and more than two dozen cuts and bruises.

Robin Shellow, one of the lawyer representing the Trammell family, told the Journal Sentinel:

These police tortured Adam Trammell to death. This was not ‘help.” They were not protecting or serving anyone. Naked, cold, confused, alone in his own bathroom and crying for Jesus to take him, he needlessly suffered.

After a year-long investigation —  two months longer than the original investigation into the Kennedy assassination — Milwaukee County District Attorney John Chisholm claimed there is “no basis to conclusively link” the death of Trammell to the officers’ actions.

Chisholm claimed Officers Rohleder and Munoz, “responded to a medical emergency under complex circumstances that required them to attempt restraint.”

Investigations showed that there was no medical emergency and Trammell was not in need of medical care, notes the Journal Sentinel.

The young man’s father, Larry Trammell, said:

This is a nightmare. I can’t believe this. I think those people should resign. The D.A. and the chief of that police department.

(Source: Journal Sentinel)

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