Mike Huckabee Can’t Remember If Trump Admitted To Sexually Assaulting Women

Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee claimed he could not recall if President Donald Trump ever admitted to sexually assaulting women despite an “Access Hollywood” tape that was released one year ago showing Trump bragging about sexual assault by grabbing women’s vaginas without consent.

Huckabee announced his failed memory on “Fox & Friends” when host Abby Huntsman asked, “Has President Trump ever admitted to being a sexual assaulter?”

Huckabee replied:

I don’t recall that that’s ever happened. But I do recall that Bill Clinton lost his law license. He was impeached. He admitted that he lied under oath and that there had been a number of women who have have never been disproven to be wrong about their allegations regarding him.

In October 2016, Huckabee mentioned Trump’s sexual harassment comments in a Tweet defending Trump, noted the Arkansas Times.

(Source: Fox News via YouTube, Arkansas Times)

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