Michigan Sheriff Accused Of Calling Women The C-Word In Audio Recordings

Jackson County Sheriff Steven Rand was reportedly recorded using crude slurs about women by Sheriff’s Lt. Tommy Schuette who has filed a federal lawsuit against Rand and Jackson County, Michigan.

James K. Fett, who represents Schuette in the lawsuit, released the audio to MLive.com, which published the recordings online.

MLive.com has not independently verified the audio.

In one part, a voice that is purportedly Rand made a crude comment about a female court employee: 

I’d definitely (inaudible) on that. That’s so f—– hot… I wouldn’t want to get a picture of my dick and you know, send it to the wife. Can you blame me?

You just realized she is a f—— c—. She realizes she is f—— hot.

Rand reportedly asked a commander about another female employee: “Are you f—— her….?”

Rand allegedly commented about a female county judge:

The other plate spinning up there is (name redacted) becoming the chief circuit court judge, which is apparently in the works, and that she may want to do it. She will f— it all up, because she is a scatter-brained c—.

Rand was reportedly recorded calling Schuette a “queer.”

In response to the audio recordings, Rand told MLive.com.

There is not much I can tell you. I have not had the opportunity to speak with any legal counsel yet, nor have I seen the full allegations in the lawsuit. It would completely imprudent of me to even make any comment at this time.

Jackson County Undersheriff Chris Kuhl released a statement about the lawsuit:

Jackson County Office of the Sheriff asks for the public’s patience and will continue to serve the community to the highest possible standard without regard to race, ethnicity, sexual preference or identity.

The county also released a statement:

The County vehemently denies any wrongdoing associated with the events alleged in the lawsuit… The allegations, if true, are absolutely abhorrent and represent conduct that is repugnant to Jackson County’s commitment as clearly set out in its many employment policies and practices.

(Source: MLive.com)

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