Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer Told Pence That Anti-Coronavirus Safety Protesters Are Spreading Coronavirus

Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer told Vice President Mike Pence in a recorded phone call that anti-coronavirus safety protesters are spreading the coronavirus, tweets ABC News journalist Katherine Faulders.

Michigan has the highest coronavirus death rate in the U.S., reported Salon.

Whitmer asked Pence — who has refused to wear a mask — to “reinforce” the need for Americans to take the pandemic “seriously”:

To the extent that you could reinforce kind of those needs to take this seriously, to continue — you know, everyone doing their part. And if discouraging protests is something you could consider doing, I’d really be grateful.

Pence reportedly gave Whitmer a generic response:

We will continue to emphasize to people the safe and responsible practices while we all move toward re-opening.

President Donald Trump praised the armed Michigan demonstrators as “very good people” on May 1.

(Sources: Salon, Katherine Faulders/Twitter)

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