Michigan Cop Tases Dad As He Holds Baby

A police officer was filmed tasing a man, who was holding his 2-month-old baby, in Westland, Michigan, on Aug. 17 (raw video below).

The incident happened while a group of neighbors were having a barbecue.

Neighbor Kelvin Williams told WXYZ police arrived because of a call about a supposed fight:

We were just barbecuing, and we saw the cops come up. They came up and asked us who was fighting. We were like, “You got the wrong house.”

At that point, my friend Ray [Brown] got a little agitated like you’re coming over to my house, my property and you’re asking me about something I don’t know about.

Brown began to argue with officers, so Williams started filming with his cell phone.

The officers told Brown that he was going to be arrested, and an officer told a second person to take the baby away:

Get the baby out of here. Get the baby out of here.

Brown insisted that 2-month-old Christopher would stay, and took the baby boy into his arms:

That’s my child. He can be exactly where he’s at. Give me my child. Give me my child.

Nichole Skidmore, Brown’s girlfriend, offered to take the baby. Brown was reportedly passing the baby to Skidmore  when he was tased by police.

Skidmore recalled that she had to catch her son because of the tasing:

I had to catch the baby. I was in the street talking with the cops. I had to come over. The taser is on this side of him, and the baby is over here. As soon as they start tasing him the baby flew out of his hands and I had to grab him, or he would have fell.

According to police, Brown knew he was going to be arrested, grabbed the baby and wouldn’t let go, even when Skidmore asked for the child back, reports WWJ.

Westland Police Chief Jeff Jedrusik said that officers decided that using the Taser was the safest option:

They felt the man was uncooperative, he was intoxicated, he was aggressive, and the officers had indicated they felt that he had an extremely tight grasp on the baby.

So at that point…the officers are making a decision on we’re going to be arresting this man, we don’t want to get into a tug of war with this man, we don’t want to direct this man to the ground while he’s holding a baby.

(Sources: WXYZ, WWJ, Kelvin Williams via YouTube)

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