Michigan Cop Grinds Rifle Muzzle Into Head Of Handcuffed Man

Police body cam video has surfaced of Officer Kevin Penn grinding the muzzle of a rifle into the head of a 28-year-old homeless man who was handcuffed in Grand Rapids, Michigan on August 19, 2017.

Officer James Smith’s body camera filmed Penn’s actions.

Penn resigned during an Internal Affairs investigation into the incident, notes MLive. 

The  Internal Affairs report stated:

The suspect makes a crying noise, and states, “That hurts bro,” and Officer Penn immediately responds with, “Yes it does.”

The muzzle is still pressed against the suspect’s head and Officer Smith tells Officer Penn, “All right Kevin” and pushes the rifle away from the suspect’s head with his head. As Officer Penn moves back, the suspect continues asking what he did and states, “Man, that hurted man…”

The suspect is moving his head and you can see the muzzle of the rifle actually moving the skin/scalp on the suspect’s head, forcing his head down.

Officer Penn’s decision to press the muzzle against the suspect’s head is not based on any training done at the Grand Rapids Police Department, or subject control principles. When taken with the comments he makes while doing so, it has the appearance of being punitive and retaliatory in nature…

Internal Affairs and Chief David Rahinsky reportedly found that Penn acted with unreasonable force.

The homeless man was suspected of armed robbery, but was instead charged by police with the “resisting arrest” and “assault.”

(Source: MLive)

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