Michigan Barber Compares COVID-19 Shutdown to Jews in the Holocaust

Michigan barber Karl Manke — who was part of a protest against Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s coronavirus safety orders — compared the statewide shutdown of nonessential businesses to Jewish people in the Holocaust, notes MLive (VIDEO BELOW):

These older people in Germany were told in reels and movies and types of propaganda coming out at the time, that they could get into these cattle cars, and would be taken to these new homes. They willingly got into those cattle cars. I will not be placed into a cattle car.

Manke joined other barbers in giving free haircuts in “Operation Haircut” outside the state Capitol in Lansing, Michigan. Many of the barbers and their customers, including children, did not wear safety masks or practice social distancing.

“Operation Haircut” was organized by the Michigan Conservative Coalition, which promised the barbers would follow social distancing guidelines and wear face coverings.

Michigan Militia protesters, one with a rifle, started shouting at Michigan State Police officers who were issuing $1,000 citations to the stylists and barbers for disorderly conduct.

(Sources: MLive, MLive)

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