Michele Bachmann Calls Trump The Most ‘Godly, Biblical President’ In Our Lifetime

Former Republican congresswoman Michele Bachmann announced on a Christian radio program that President Donald Trump — who has had affairs with porn stars and illegally paid them off via his former lawyer Michael Cohen — is the most “biblical president,” notes Right Wing Watch:

I will say to your listeners, in my lifetime I have never seen a more biblical president than I have seen in Donald Trump. He has so impressed me in what he has done, and we haven’t even talked about Israel. What he has done to advance Israel. He is highly biblical and we will in all likelihood never see a more godly, biblical president again in our lifetime. So we not only need to be praying for him, we need to support him, in my opinion, in every way that we can.

(Source: Right Wing Watch/Twitter, Photo Credit: Michele Bachmann/Twitter)

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