Michael Cohen: Trump Said ‘Black People Are Too Stupid To Vote For Me’

President Donald Trump’s former lawyer Michael Cohen told Vanity Fair that Trump often made racist comments about black people.

Cohen said he was watching one of Trump’s campaign rallies, and told Trump it was almost all white people:

I told Trump that the rally looked vanilla on television. Trump responded, “That’s because black people are too stupid to vote for me.”

Cohen also recalled Trump attacking black people after the death of South African leader Nelson Mandela:

Name one country run by a black person that’s not a sh*thole. Name one city.

Cohen also claimed that Trump insulted African-American investment manager, Kwame Jackson — who had graduated from Harvard Business School — behind the scenes on “The Apprentice”:

Trump was explaining his back-and-forth about not picking Jackson. He said, “There’s no way I can let this black f-g win.”

Cohen also recalled a trip in the 2000s where he and Trump were riding through a rough area of Chicago:

We were going from the airport to the hotel, and we drove through what looked like a rougher neighborhood. Trump made a comment to me, saying that “only the blacks could live like this.”

(Source: Vanity Fair, Photo Credit: IowaPolitics.com/Flickr)

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