Michael Cohen Is Angry He’s Going To Jail, While Trump Still Gets To Be President: Report

CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin reports that Trump’s former lawyer Michael Cohen is furious that he’s going tp jail while Donald Trump, who allegedly ordered him to commit crimes, still gets to be president:

The remarkable thing about Michael Cohen is, if you look at his crimes — and they are real crimes — all of them, with one exception, were for the benefit of Donald Trump. He didn’t get anything out of the illegal campaign contributions, out of his false testimony to Congress, his bank fraud to get money to pay off Stormy Daniels. His tax fraud is a separate issue.

The idea that Michael Cohen is going to prison for three years when Donald Trump is president of the United States, no one else has been prosecuted for that stuff, you can see why he’s a pissed-off dude.

(Source: CNN via YouTube, Photo: MSNBC)

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