Michael Cohen Admits Making Illegal Campaign Contribution ‘At The Direction’ Of Trump

President Donald Trump’s former lawyer, Michael Cohen, admitted that he made illegal campaign contributions “in coordination with and at the direction of a federal candidate for office,” meaning Trump (more video below).

Cohen entered a guilty plea in a Manhattan courthouse to “five counts of tax evasion, one count of making a false statement to a bank and two campaign finance violations,” notes The Washington Post.

The two campaign finance violations — that helped Trump’s campaign — were the hush money that Cohen paid porn star  Stormy Daniels and Playboy model Karen McDougal.

Cohen reportedly told the court that he made the payments “for the purpose of influencing” the 2016 presidential election by covering up the president’s “alleged affairs.”

A source told Fox News that Cohen will get between 3-5 years in jail.

(Sources The Washington Post, MSNBC via Twitter, Fox News via Twitter)

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