Miami TV News Producer Argues Over Parking, Uses N-Word

Robin Cross, a news producer for WSVN, was filmed shouting the N-word at a neighbor,  Robert Fenton, during an argument about street parking in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

The Miami Herald notes that Cross was suspended from her job.

In a video of the incident, Cross shouted, “You don’t f*cking own the road” at Fenton, who said Cross was blocking the driveway. 

Cross escalated the situation and yelled:

Yes, I used the word f*cking if you haven’t heard it before. Except for your f*cking son who’s dating a f*cking n**ger. Hmm, I said it out loud, finally.

Fenton told the Miami Herald that Cross was waving her WSVN press credentials at him:

She was using her press credentials as a weapon. It’s saying look at who I am and how much power I have. I’m gonna get you. Obviously, she is very bigoted and there’s something wrong with her.

(Source: Miami Herald, Photo Credit: Robin Cross/Facebook)

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