Miami Cop Charged With Lying About Violent Arrest Of Black Woman, Caught On Video

Miami-Dade, Florida Police Officer Alejandro Giraldo was charged on May 2 for violently arresting a black woman, Dyma Loving, and then allegedly making false statements about what happened on March 5.

Loving’s friend, Adrianna Green, filmed Giraldo pushing Loving against a fence, grabbing her by the neck and pulling her to the ground.

Green had called 911 after a neighbor allegedly threatened them with a shotgun. Four officers came to the scene, interviewed Green and Loving about the incident before going to the neighbor’s home. Giraldo and a sixth officer, Juan Calderon, arrived and arrested Loving.

Giraldo said in a police report that he arrested Loving because she “would not obey commands,” was “uncooperative,” and was “screaming at us, causing a scene in a residential neighborhood,” notes ABC News.

Officials said none of these statements could be backed by evidence, and Green’s video debunked the claims.

Giraldo was arrested and charged with official misconduct, making false statements in official reports and battery.

(Sources: ABC News, Brother Tyrone X/Twitter)

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