Miami Cop Arrested After Kicking Handcuffed Teen In The Face, Cop Still Has Job

 A Miami-Dade police officer, Sgt. Gustavo Del Los Rios, was arrested after he was reportedly filmed kicking a handcuffed teen boy in the facein February  2018 (full video below).

The teen boy was arrested for suspicion of burglary by several officers who subdued the juvenile, notes WFOR.

The Miami-Dade State Attorney’s Office released the video on Jan. 3, after sitting on it for nearly a year.

De Los Rios was charged with only a misdemeanor after allegedly kicking the teen once and then dropping his knee on his neck, two forms of assault.

WFOR notes that De Los Rios is still on the job despite his alleged criminal background and current criminal charge:

He was arrested for domestic abuse in an incident with his ex-wife last year. Court filings show restraining orders as well. Professionally, the Miami Herald reports nothing significant, outside of a 2015 incident where De Los Rios abused his power to find out about his ex-wife’s travel plans.

(Source: WFOR)

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