Rick Santorum Denies Making Hateful Statements About Gays

Former Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum denies that he has ever used “hateful rhetoric” against LGBT individuals.

The socially conservative politician — who once said he was willing to die to prevent same sex marriages — was recently confronted about his views by Abby Martin of Media Roots.

“You said during your campaign that homosexual parents — that kids don’t thrive under homosexual parents, but actually studies have shown that kids thrive equally under homosexual parents as they do straight parents,” she asked Santorum. “Do you think this hateful rhetoric, you know, you’re fighting a losing battle here — as homosexuality is more accepted by the day.”

“I don’t think it’s hateful rhetoric,” Santorum answered. “I think having public policy discussions is not hateful rhetoric.”

“But it’s incorrect,” Martin interrupted.

“I think characterizing it as such is a typical tactic that those who do not want to have a real discussion about the issues,” Santorum said.

(Source: RawStory.com)

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