Mexicans Pray to Giant Death ‘Saint’ to Save Them From COVID-19, 84K Dead in Mexico

Dozens of Mexicans are calling on a giant death “saint” to save them from COVID-19 and the financial consequences that have occurred because of the deadly virus, which has killed 84,000 people in Mexico.

The worship is reminiscent of a Trump rally: few wore face masks or practiced social distancing.

“Santa Muerte” is a 72-foot fiberglass statue in Tultitlan, Mexico. The Roman Catholic Church calls the Grim Reaper-like figure blasphemous.

The daughter of the creator of the statue, 30-year-old Cristel Legaria, defended its bogus healing powers to the AFP News Agency: “With the pandemic, more devotees want to come to ask for health and protection.”

According to historians, indigenous people were turned on to Santa Muerte back in the 18th century when Spanish conquistadores brought images of the Grim Reaper to Mexico.

(Source: AFP News Agency via YouTube and MSN)

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