Men Claim They ‘Bear The Scars’ Of Abortion Choices Made By Women

Several men claim that they “bear the scars” of abortion choices made by women in a new video released by the anti-abortion group Save the Storks on June 12.

The women, who do not appear on camera, are portrayed as lacking any independent thought or action regarding abortion, but rather obeying the men who told them to have abortions.

Save the Storks posted the video on Facebook in a social media campaign called #ChooseFatherhood. 

Save The Storks plans to release one video each day for “post-abortive fathers” until Father’s Day, notes The Christian Post.

Some of the men claim they turned to drugs and alcohol after the women had abortions; one man said he didn’t know about “other choices” other than abortion.

Another man recalled how he changed his mind on abortion, and, of course, convinced the woman not to have an abortion.

The man said how glad he was that he “didn’t choose free will” and make the “mistake” of abortion, even though the choice legally belongs to the woman, not the man.

According to a Gallup poll in May, 79 percent of Americans believe abortion should be legal always or in certain circumstances, while only 18 percent support a ban on abortion.

(Sources: Save the Storks/Facebook, Gallup, The Christian Post)



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