Men, Accused Beating Disabled Veteran, Get Probation

Ryan Ponder, 23, and Johnnie Beveritt, 18, were sentenced on Aug. 7 to probation in DeLand, Florida, after being accused of assaulting a disabled U.S. Navy veteran, Garry Blough Jr.

According to police, Ponder, Beveritt and Alfred Chico, 16, tortured a turtle at an apartment complex in Daytona Beach back in February, reports WFTV. When Blough tried to stop them, they allegedly beat him.

The trio was charged with battery and animal cruelty. A Volusia County judge sentenced Ponder and Beveritt to 18 months of probation.

Blough said he suffered a permanent injury to his eye.

Ponder and Beveritt were ordered to pay $16,500 a piece to Bough in restitution, which he doesn’t expect to see.

“Now we have to try to figure out how to get the rest of these medical bills paid,” Blough stated.

Blough, who wears a patch over his right eye, added: “I have nerve damage. The lights still mess with my eye.”

(Source: WFTV)

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