Melania ‘Would Roll Her Eyes Whenever She Heard Ivanka Ramble’ About ‘Becoming America’s First Female President,’ Says Melania’s Ex-Assistant

First Lady Melania Trump was filmed giving a fake smile to first daughter Ivanka Trump after President Donald Trump’s lie-filled speech during the Republican National Convention on Aug. 27 at the White House.

This animosity appears to be reflected in a new book by Melania’s former assistant and friend Stephanie Winston Wolkoff — “Melania and Me: The Rise and Fall of My Friendship with the First Lady” — which describes their relationship, reports the Daily Mail:

Melania would roll her eyes whenever she heard Ivanka ramble on about her grand plan on becoming America’s first female president with Jared by her side. Jared would ultimately chime in with, “She’s got what it takes, she’s a born leader, the people love her, look at her” and Melania would mumble “no thank you.”

Melania reportedly called Ivanka The Princess” in a derisive manner. The book also said that Melania described the Trump family working in the White House as a bunch of “snakes.”

Melania would discretely shake her head in disgust over these two running around the White House saying “look at me, look at me” and acting like they were the ones in charge. While Melania strived for peace and order in her new home, she compared the White House to an out-of-control circus thanks to its self-appointed co-ringleaders Ivanka and Don Jr.

(Sources: Daily Mail, MSNBC via Twitter)

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