Melania Trump Praises Workers Who Are Imprisoning Immigrant Children

First Lady Melania Trump praised the government workers who are imprisoning immigrant children at the Upbring New Hope Children’s Center in McAllen, Texas:

We all know they are here without their families and I want to thank you for your hard work, your compassion, and your kindness you are giving to them in these difficult times.

President Donald Trump could release the children with one phone call, but Melania asked the workers, “How I can help…these children to reunite with their families as quickly as possible?” notes CBS News.

The White House’s Office of the First Lady falsely claimed that Melania’s visit will somehow help reunite the children with their families:

Her goals are to thank law enforcement and social services providers for their hard work, lend support and hear more on how the administration can build upon the already existing efforts to reunite children with their families.

(Source: CBS News)

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