Megyn Kelly Slams Media For Failures Of Her New Show

“Megyn Kelly Today,” a new talk show on NBC, has experienced some low ratings during its first week, had a cameraman curse on the air and had actress Debra Messing publicly regret going on the show.

Kelly, a former host at Fox News, has never worked in front of a live audience until now and she has a long history of racially-charged statements.

On her final show of the week, Kelly took a shot at the media, which has accurately reported her show’s many problems:

I just want to take a moment to thank all of you for watching this week. It has been educational. I’ve just been so delighted that the media response which has really been — NO! — the viewer response has been awesome. And I’m so grateful to have all of you giving us a chance.

According to TV By The Numbers: “On two of its first three days, it has come in behind the syndicated, Disney/ABC-distributed ‘Live with Kelly and Ryan,’ which airs opposite Kelly’s show in much of the country.”

(Sources: NBC via YouTube, TV By The Numbers)

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