Megyn Kelly Praises Kavanaugh For Admitting He Was A 17-Year-Old Drunk

NBC “TODAY” show host Megyn Kelly praised Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh for admitting in a letter, at age 17, that he was a drunk.

Kelly attacked The New York Times for publishing Kavanaugh’s letter that described himself and his friends as “loud, obnoxious drunks with prolific pukers.”

Kelly, who has a long history of racist and false claims, failed to mention that Kavanaugh’s letter directly contradicts his recent testimony:

If you read this whole letter you will be so impressed at the responsibility of this young man, saying to his roommates, this is when the lease needs to be paid. It has to be paid in cash, do it upfront.

And then he puts a postscript on there… it’s a joke! This does not help anyone’s case. And The New York Times, they should not be focused on that.

(Sources: NBC-TV, The New York Times, Media Matters, ThinkProgress)

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