Megyn Kelly Lectures Americans Against Protesting Republicans

“TODAY” host Megan Kelly lectured Americans about protesting against Republicans, which have escalated due to the Trump administration’s policy of separating immigrant children and babies from their parents, and jailing them, sometimes in cages.

Kelly, who has a long history of racist comments on Fox News, slammed Democratic Rep. Waters of California for calling on people “push back” against the Trump administration:

You don’t call for incivility or arguably violence because that’s how it sounded to me to in response to your own anger about what’s happening at the southern border. That’s not the way forward.

NBC News correspondent Stephanie Gosk corrected Kelly: “I think she’s calling for people to stand up and protest.”

“By kicking people out of restaurants?” Kelly whined.

Gosk confirmed the non-violent protest:

Yes, I think that is what that was. It would have been uncivil if they had pushed her, it would have been uncivil if they had shouted at her. This was a very civil, “Please leave my restaurant.” It was a protest.

It was, “Sarah Huckabee Sanders, you are the spokesperson for an administration that we fill very strongly has wronged us and has at times lied to us. And our way to demonstrate how upset we are is to protest — and that is, I’m not going to serve you dinner.”

After being fact-checked on her own show, Kelly whined about a slight against House Speaker Paul Ryan, who has tried to drastically social services and food stamps for the poor:

You can get a million person march to make that point. But, to me, when it’s one-on-one, face-to-face — I mean, look what happened with Paul Ryan and Seth Rogan this weekend… Paul Ryan’s kids wanted a picture with him and as soon as he saw that they were Paul Ryan’s kids, he said no. And then he lectured the kids on how bad their dad was in front of their dad!

Kelly insisted that Ryan has not done anything wrong, and proceeded to lecture Americans about protesting:

You can loathe President Trump, you can loathe his policies, you can completely have zero respect for those who support him and put his agenda into operation. But you have to be respectful of the people who put him in office or you’re going to get four more years just like these.

This is going to galvanize — he’s got 90 percent support amongst Republicans — this is going to galvanize every Republican in the country because they are going to feel like they were kicked out of that restaurant, like they were embarrassed in front of their kids, like they are so deplorable they can’t even eat in a public place anymore!

(Sources: NBC-TV via YouTube, Media Matters)

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