Megyn Kelly: God Helped Black Man Forgive White Cop Who Lied To Put Him In Jail

“Today” show host Megyn Kelly said that God arranged a chance meeting between an African-American man and a white cop who lied to put him in jail so the black man could forgive the officer.

Kelly interviewed Jameel McGee, who was wrongly convicted of dealing drugs, after Andrew Collins falsified a police report that said McGee was in possession of drugs in 2006.

McGee was sentenced to 10 years in prison for possession, but ended up writing a book with Collins in 2011: “Convicted: A Crooked Cop, An Innocent Man And An Unlikely Journey of Forgiveness.”

McGee recalled how he accidentally met Collins, who was eventually charged for his crimes, in a park by coincidence.

McGee suggested God had brought them together: “I know it wasn’t my doing.”

“It was the Lord,” Kelly announced.

Collins said their story, of his false arrest of McGee, was sent from God “Because I can’t walk through what God has for me if I’m going to keep myself in a prison of my past. And we also realized that God saved this story for a very unique time in our country. You know, you see a black man who was innocent, completely innocent, framed by a white police officer.”

(Source: NBC-TV  via YouTube)

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