Megyn Kelly Attacks Kavanaugh’s Accuser: ‘Maybe He Blew Her Off And She Had An Axe To Grind’

“TODAY” host Megyn Kelly — who has claimed to be an opponent of sexual harassment and a supporter for women — attacked Christine Blasey Ford who accused Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of sexually assaulting her when they were teens and trying to take her clothes off.

Kelly tried to smear Ford by calling her a Democrat and by dragging out the old cliche on how Ford should have made her accusation sooner and by employing “maybe” scenarios:

Maybe he blew her off. This is what defenders would say, right? She been harboring — she had an axe to grind about him and she lays the foundation as a Democrat [sic] donor, saying I don’t want — I’m just going with the most dramatic theory…

People are going to look into her history as they should if they are going to derail a Supreme Court nomination, Is she some sort of proven liar? Has she accused others? This is what we saw in the Duke case.

Remember, the woman came forward, she accused people of rape, turns out it was all lies. That doesn’t mean that’s the case here.

If [Kavanaugh] has a history of sexually attacking a woman we need to know, and if they can’t prove it to people’s satisfaction then he should be confirmed.

(Source: NBC via YouTube)

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