Megyn Kelly Angry That 2nd Kavanaugh Accuser Deborah Ramirez Came Forward

NBC “TODAY” show host Megyn Kelly expressed outraged on her show over a second female accuser of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

Deborah Ramirez told The New Yorker that Kavanaugh exposed his penis to her when they attended Yale.

Kelly yelled at Rolling Stone contributor Joe Levy in defense of Kavanaugh:

He’s saying he didn’t do it, Joe! He’s not saying that those allegations against him amount to nothing if he did! He’s saying he didn’t do it…

No! You have no evidence for that whatsoever. What he’s saying is he didn’t do the thing he’s being accused of. He’s not trying to justify it if it’s proven.

After siding with Kavanaugh, Kelly pretended that she was the judge of the “Me Too” movement:

“He Too” is entitled to due process, And if we go too far and deny due process in a case like this where you have a Supreme Court seat at issue and politics are clearly at play… what does that do to the “Me Too” movement?

(Source: NBC-TV via YouTube)

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