Meghan McCain Asked Trump For Job In 2011, Praised Him

Meghan McCain, the daughter of the late Sen.John McCain, praised President Donald Trump in 2011 and asked him for a job as he toyed with the idea of running against President Obama.

Meghan, who now co-hosts “The View,” was interviewing Trump for the Daily Beast when she fawned over him:

I told my mom I was interviewing you, and she was like, “I think he can really do this.”

Meghan also praised Trump’ for attacking Obama, which he did with a racist birther accusations:

What I’m looking for is someone who’s not going to take bullsh*t, not going to let the media run them around, and who is going to give it back to Obama. And you seem to be the only person who’s really doing it right now.T

Meghan then asked Trump for a job:

If you run for president, will you hire me for your campaign?

Trump returned the brownosing:

I like the idea! I love it! Will you do me a favor? See how I do, and you call me at the right time. I’m serious about it.

(Source: Daily Beast, Photo Credit: ABC-TV)

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