Megachurch Pastor John MacArthur Endangers Thousands With In-Person Service, Attacks Churches That Follow COVID-19 Safety

Pastor John MacArthur held an in-person church service on July 2 that filled his 3,500-seat Grace Community Church in Los Angeles, despite skyrocketing COVID-19 cases in Los Angeles County (MORE VIDEO BELOW).

MacArthur suggested during the service that churches who close because of the deadly virus (156,000 Americans have died so far) are not true churches, notes Christianity Today:

There has never been a time when the world didn’t need the message of the true church. I have to say, “true church.” I hate to think of that, but there’s so many false forms of the church. Let them shut down.

Christianity Today notes that the “congregation laughed then cheered,” and that most of the churchgoers “were not wearing masks, social distancing, or avoiding contact.”

The California Department of Health issued new rules on July 29 — to deal with high numbers of coronavirus — that said places of worship should “discontinue indoor singing and chanting activities and limit indoor attendance to 25 percent of building capacity or a maximum of 100 attendees, whichever is lower.”

MacArthur also claimed in a video on Aug. 1 that pastors who are not holding in-person services — which places lives in danger — are failing their churches:

Large churches shutting down until, they say, January! I don’t have any way to understand that other than they don’t know what a church is, and they don’t shepherd their people, but that’s sad. And you have a lot of people in Christianity who seem to be significant leaders who aren’t giving any strength and courage to the church. They’re not standing up and rising up and calling on Christians to be the church in the world, as I said on Sunday…

MacArthur told Fox News host and white nationalist Tucker Carlson on July 28 that his churchgoers “didn’t buy the narrative” about COVID-19 (which is based on medical science.”

(Sources: Los Angeles County, Fox News via Twitter, California Department of Health, Grace Community Church/Vimeo, Christianity Today, Christianity Today)

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