Megachurch Pastor Jack Graham: Guns In Church Bring Comfort

Pastor Jack Graham of the Prestonwood Baptist Church in Plano, Texas, says that churchgoers feel some comfort by bringing concealed guns into his megachurch that seats 12,000 attendees.

Graham told The Wall Street Journal that the church has armed security, but has resisted using metal detectors so the church would feel welcoming.

Graham, who strongly supports President Donald Trump, doesn’t allow open carry of firearms, but believes some churchgoers are packing concealed weapons:

Frankly, it brings some comfort. If there had been someone with a weapon in that little church, maybe that could have been prevented.

Graham was pushing the “good guy with a gun” NRA myth, which was debunked by Mother Jones in 2012.

(Sources: The Wall Street Journal, Mother Jones, Photo Credit: Jack Graham/Twitter)

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