McDonald’s Kicks Out Good Samaritan Who Bought Homeless Man Food

Yossi Gallo was kicked out of a McDonald’s in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, after he bought a homeless man food on Feb. 28.

Gallo filmed the incident on Facebook which begins with a police officer trying to get the homeless man, James Davis, out of the restaurant, reports WTVD.

The cop tells Davis that people have complained about him begging for food, which may be part of his First Amendment rights.

Gallo defends Davis to the police officer: 

He didn’t ask me for food. I saw him across the street and I brought him over here.

Gallo then slams the McDonad’s staff for calling the police on Davis:

You guys suck, I’ll never be back here! You guys suck!

A McDonald’s manager tells Gallo not to speak so loudly (about the homeless man) because its “inappropriate.”

Gallo called out the manager for criminalizing the homeless man: “What’s going on is you suck!”

The manager replied: “Yeah, and you do too.”

The manager then tells the cop to forget about the homeless man, and kick out Gallo.

The officer dutifully obeys the McDonald’s manager and tells Gallo to leave.

Gallo told other McDonald’s customers:

I’m getting kicked out of here ‘cuz I gave a homeless guy food, by the way, guys!


Gallo recalled the incident to CNN:

I waved him down and said, “Hey, are you hungry?” And he said, “Yes.” So, I went in there with him and as soon as we went inside, the lady at the register says “You’re not getting food.”






Myrtle Beach police captain Joey Crosby defended the police and McDonald’s to Myrtle Beach Online:

Officers were dispatched to the location after receiving a call from an employee of the business, that a male was in the parking lot asking people for money.

Upon arriving at the restaurant, an employee approached the officer and indicated the male was inside the establishment.

The employee requested the officer issue a trespassing warning and asked that the person leave the premises. The officer advised the male of the request made by the business and issued the warning.

(Sources: WTVDYossi Gallo/Facebook)

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